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'Capturing the cat'
by Katie Hopson (Tameside Reporter)

An Artist who has spent five years studying cats has had his work chosen to represent a major international art exhibition.

John Kimpton's cat design will be the logo for 'Art of the Cat', which is due to take place in Paris this September.

John's cat design was selected from over 1,000 entries worldwide, including some from internationally known artists and designers. The design was taken from one of the many sketches of the domestic cat produced by the artist over the past 5 years.

"I am really thrilled and pleased with this news", said John.

More of John's cat studies have also reached the final selection stage to be on show in the exhibition, which represents some of the best internationally known artists and their interpretations of the domestic cat.

John has submitted 30 pieces and, if they are chosen, they will be on show alongside work from artists from as far away as Scandinavia.

John will be expected to fly out for the event, during which his will will be on show in a Paris chateau and viewed by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos.

John Kimpton with his Cats
John's cat studies were originally singled out by exhibition organiser Nini Phalempin at the Olympia cat exhibition in London who was said to be excited by John's original cat studies.

John says the exhibition enables him to show off his fascination and flair for depicting the cat.

"The cat is a very popular animal. I started studying the cat after I found a cat left on the road, called it Midnight and cared for it myself. I eventually ended up with 12 cats and I felt I knew them so well and knew what they were doing. I find that cats have human frailties and I find that fascinating"

Some of the cat drawings and paintings that have been selected for the final stages have recently been on show at the Astley Cheetham Gallery in Stalybridge as part of John's Retrospective exhibition which ended on 6th March.

Through his art John expresses with clarity and certainty the epic of daily life, and its permanence, dignity and value are captured there for all to see. We only have to take the time out from our busy lives to look
Anthony C. Browne
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