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'Natural Talent'
by J.K. Mottershead (Manchester Evening News)

John Kimpton’s artistic abilities can only be described as ‘natural talent’ but then that belies the years of hard work that he has expended in perfecting his skills both in pencil and in watercolour. The quantity and quality of his work from sixteen onwards is a revelation and amply demonstrates his dedication.
Over the past year or so he has added maturity, lucidity and a deep inner self confidence for both what he wants to achieve and how to achieve it. This combination is in my opinion a winning-one and it can only be a matter of time before he becomes nationally recognised and the really marvellous part about that is that it will not alter him one iota!
Through his art John expresses with clarity and certainty the epic of daily life, and its permanence, dignity and value are captured there for all to see. We only have to take the time out from our busy lives to look
Anthony C. Browne
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