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Art Of The Community
A selection of sketches produced in and around Ashton-under-Lyne market ground for John's new book 'Art of the Community'.

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The Kimpton Cats
With over five years of study John has produced a stunning array of cat images and varied styles to match that will even have the most ardent 'Dog Lovers' admiring the feline form.

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The Carnival
A body of work based on johns own family and feelings. It is a mixture of moments from his own life where people are represented with what they are wearing or trying to hide.

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Nuclear Nightmare
In 1984 his 'Nuclear Nightmare' series created a sensation when it was exhibited, and was also featured in a documentary for Granada Television.

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Through his art John expresses with clarity and certainty the epic of daily life, and its permanence, dignity and value are captured there for all to see. We only have to take the time out from our busy lives to look
Anthony C. Browne
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